Chat by Subject
between two users
is now possible.

It's the future
of communication!
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Thematic Chat
Thematic Chat
Thematic Chat is chatting by Subject.
Until now you could have a Subject for group chats.
With Light Notebook you can chat by Subject with a single user!

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Click Add Note
Select a user or a group to share with
Insert Title
Write a Comment
Insert an attachment, even a PDF
SAVE it!
How to Share Click Add Note
Why to Share

A Student can chat with his professor on different assignments.

A Project Manager can chat with an engineer on multiple projects.

A Business Owner can chat with a customer on different products.

A Friend can chat with another friend about different vacations.

A Team manager can chat with a player about different games.

Make personal Notes and organizes them into Folders.

Share Notes as Thematic Chat between two or more users.

Upload files into Drive, our cloud storage service.

A Cloud storage service with 2.5 GB of free space.

The ability to share your account with the people you care about.

It's a secure and private network with no datamining.

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