Light Notebook
shares your NOTES.
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What it is?
Thematic Chat
A shared Note is the future of Communication!
It has a subject like email and real time comments like chat.

Frame Iphone
Click Add Note
Select a user or a group to share with
Insert Title
Write a Comment
Insert an attachment, even a PDF
SAVE it!
How to Share Click Add Note
Why To Share Light Notebook at School

A Student can chat with his professor on a specific subject.
Light Notebook at Work

A Project Manager can chat with an engineer on a specific subject.
Light Notebook in Business

A Business Owner can chat with customers on a specific subject.
Light Notebook for Family

Parents can chat with children on a specific subject.
Light Notebook for Sports

A team Manager can chat with fans on a specific subject.

It's a Notebook: you can make Notes and organize them in folders.

It's a Chat by Subjects: Notes can be shared becoming real time thematic chats.

Cloud Storage Service: you can upload and share the file in multiple Notes.

It's a Digital Time Capsule: you can share your entire account with people you care about.

It's secure and private: no datamining,it's a private network.

It's free with no ads!

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